Project 'Indiglo Dials'

I took advantage of yesterday's bad weather and decided to spend the afternoon playing with my car in the garage. Last week, the indiglo dials which I've ordered online, have finally arrived and it was the perfect moment to install them. The nightmare of every car modder is the removal of the dashboard, and I'm no exception.

So what are these indiglo dials? They are after market dials which look white during the day but when powered in the dark, the background glows bright blue or red, depending on the product you buy. These are how they looked when they arrived:

The whole point in making these dials was because I was bored of the stock dull green-lit dials:

As I stated before, the tedious part of the project was removing the dashboard. Although this step was not the most cardinal one, by all means, it was the first step to complete to get somewhere! Nonetheless, after following the guides on Club 323f, I managed to dismantle the dashboard for the very first time, in less than 30 minutes! It was a personal triumph too.. :)

Dashboard stripped out:

I used the fog-light connector to power up the indiglo dials (yep it has an independent power source):

I confirmed by using a voltmeter and marked 12V when I turn the lights. I made use of a pair of china connectors to connect everything up:

Speedo cluster stripped:

Fit the new dials and test them:

Mount back the speedo cluster:

Mount the dashboard and watch the end result:

Final cool shot with the ICE and dials on:

That was it folks! If you're a Mazda owner and want to do something similar, I hope you got a rough idea of the process. Don't discourage, it only takes a bit of patience and around two hours to spare in some cloudy weather :)

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