Fretless conversion

ok my plans were foiled! I confess during the last month I was working in a bass defretting project. Basically I have this six string bass guitar which I don't use anymore since it was replaced by the musicman stingray, so after futile attempts to sell it, this bass seemed to persist to stay with me.

As a matter of fact I can't withstand to put something i don't use in a dull corner...At the very least i want to have that sweet satisfaction to screw a bit with it, and maybe break it! the engineering syndrome...

To cut it short, i decided to remove all the frets from this six string bass and see how it will sound... The process was not simple... Thankfully my dad was a carpenter when he was younger, and helped me a bit in the process. I followed the instructions on this site to complete my conversion. At the moment I'm waiting for my black nylon strings which I've ordered from Just Strings. They should arrive in two weeks time and my 6 string fretless bass monster will be complete!

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