Driving in Malta

Some tourists uploaded a video in YouTube, about the roads of Malta..
Click Here For Video

and there's another one too..
Click Here

In my opinion the guy who posted the videos is quite pathetic...I would have appreciated more his efforts if he showed us some videos of his sister running naked after him...

Ebay yellow star

Today I was awarded my first yellow star because I got a feedback profile of 10... Click here for more details about Ebay stars!

More music stuff arrived

This week arrived more stuff for my music playing:

- Set of 6 nylon strings for my now fretless 6 string bass..they're cool, thick, and very caring for the fretless neck. They do not produce the 'mwah' fretless sound which i expected :( but who cares.. they're just perfect for an acoustic session

- Fender PT-100 chromatic tuner...I have been long searching for a good priced heavy tuner..Got it with shipping for just thirty british pounds.

Moral of the story:
Do I own too much stuff? Yes
Do I care? No
Will I buy more? Dam Straight!

The Internet Sacred Text Archive

I was searching for some UFO coil technology when I stumbled across this website. It states that it is the largest freely available archive of full-text books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet. It is dedicated to religious tolerance and scholarship, and has the largest readership of any similar site on the web.

Another mod on the 6 stringer

Yesterday I had some free time to spare and decided to change the appearance of the six string bass by using some simple methods.

This is how it originally looked like (this was taken around last year):

And now after some simple mods:

Ok I know I look like an idiot but I'm just too impatient for the nylon strings to arrive!

Yanks really surprised me

For the final 43 minutes of the match, the USA played a man down. In a game with three ejections, one own goal, one disallowed goal, one bloodied face, three stitches and 37 fouls, only one number mattered to the Americans – the point they received for a tie. I've enjoyed watching the match every minute although I support Deutschland.

Eibach springs finally arrived

Yesterday my Eibach sport springs, which when fit on the car will eventually lower it by 35mm, have finally arrived from the UK. Normally a package from UK doesn't take up more than 5 days to arrive, but this time it took 25 days from the day of shipment (nearly a month). This morning upon reading the newspaper i discovered that i wasn't the only one experiencing this delay - apparently this was due the skeleton staff in Malta Post.

Back to the springs, I hope to get them fit by next mid-July!

Calculate your chance of failing

This is old news but anyways...Researchers have come up with a mathematical formula which proves Murphy's Law really does strike at the worst possible time.

Ordinary people have long known that computers crash on deadline and cars break down in emergencies, while previous studies have shown the Law, also called Sod's Law, is not a myth and toast really does fall buttered side down.

But now a panel of experts has provided the statistical rule for predicting the Law of "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" - or ((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10)).

In the calculation, five factors have to be assessed: urgency (U), complexity (C), importance (I), skill (S) and frequency (F) and each given a score between one and nine. A sixth, aggravation (A), was set at 0.7 by the experts after their poll. The closer to 10 the result is, the higher your risk of falling victim.

Top of the most likely and most annoying events that go wrong are: spilling something down yourself before a date and the heater breaking down in cold weather, followed by rush hour being worse when you're already late.

Reference: World News Australia

Project 'Indiglo Dials'

I took advantage of yesterday's bad weather and decided to spend the afternoon playing with my car in the garage. Last week, the indiglo dials which I've ordered online, have finally arrived and it was the perfect moment to install them. The nightmare of every car modder is the removal of the dashboard, and I'm no exception.

So what are these indiglo dials? They are after market dials which look white during the day but when powered in the dark, the background glows bright blue or red, depending on the product you buy. These are how they looked when they arrived:

The whole point in making these dials was because I was bored of the stock dull green-lit dials:

As I stated before, the tedious part of the project was removing the dashboard. Although this step was not the most cardinal one, by all means, it was the first step to complete to get somewhere! Nonetheless, after following the guides on Club 323f, I managed to dismantle the dashboard for the very first time, in less than 30 minutes! It was a personal triumph too.. :)

Dashboard stripped out:

I used the fog-light connector to power up the indiglo dials (yep it has an independent power source):

I confirmed by using a voltmeter and marked 12V when I turn the lights. I made use of a pair of china connectors to connect everything up:

Speedo cluster stripped:

Fit the new dials and test them:

Mount back the speedo cluster:

Mount the dashboard and watch the end result:

Final cool shot with the ICE and dials on:

That was it folks! If you're a Mazda owner and want to do something similar, I hope you got a rough idea of the process. Don't discourage, it only takes a bit of patience and around two hours to spare in some cloudy weather :)

King's Stingray

Not many of you remember the British pop band, Level 42 (although it is still producing albums). As usual for the 1980s, this band featured one of the best bassists on Earth who influenced a lot of modern bassists. Level 42's bassist and founder is Mark King, and I confess that he is one of my main influences in the art of slap bass. Infact I still make use of some of the techniques I learned from him. At that time though, I used to think that he only used Jaydee basses and I was quite surprised when I stumbled across his official bassography. This page states that among his incredible arsenal of high-end basses, he also used a Musicman Stingray bass, perfectly identical as mine, including the translucent red color and maple neck. He used it in three of Level 42's albums.

Laughing babies

Ain't these quadruplet babies laughing together cute?

Machine Gun Bass Guitar

Some guitars gently weep...not this one for sure. People thought putting a camera in a cellphone was crazy too, i'm telling you convergence is THE FUTURE. Now finally I can end my bass solo when I damned feel well like it!!

Fretless conversion

ok my plans were foiled! I confess during the last month I was working in a bass defretting project. Basically I have this six string bass guitar which I don't use anymore since it was replaced by the musicman stingray, so after futile attempts to sell it, this bass seemed to persist to stay with me.

As a matter of fact I can't withstand to put something i don't use in a dull corner...At the very least i want to have that sweet satisfaction to screw a bit with it, and maybe break it! the engineering syndrome...

To cut it short, i decided to remove all the frets from this six string bass and see how it will sound... The process was not simple... Thankfully my dad was a carpenter when he was younger, and helped me a bit in the process. I followed the instructions on this site to complete my conversion. At the moment I'm waiting for my black nylon strings which I've ordered from Just Strings. They should arrive in two weeks time and my 6 string fretless bass monster will be complete!

Search for sound II

In an earlier post, Search for sound I based the sound on the Boss GEB7 pedal. What this pedal lacked was the fact that it is not suitable for live and recording situations, reason being that it is not a preamp. So in small clubs I might obtain a very good sound, but for PA/mixer situations (such as in a beerfest venue) the sound engineer will just overkill my EQ.

That's why I got the SansAmp Bass Driver D.I.. It took me a long effort to find a cool sound, but it was worth every second. This is an ascii representation of my sound chain:

Musicman Stingray ---> SansAmp ---> Amplifier ---> Cab

If the Amplifier is a bass amp, I use the Return input of the effects loop - this way all the amplifier's EQ is completely bypassed so I rely solely on the EQ of the bass (with a bit of boost from the SansAmp). Since the SansAmp is 3-way programmable, I took advantage to make the following sounds:

Channel 1 ---> Mute (This will be useful for tuning, changing bass guitars, eliminate any feedback when bass guitar is not played)

Channel 2 ---> Distortion (The sort of distortion you can hear in Smoke on the Water)

Channel 3 ---> Clean/Slap (This gives a warm tone with some highs and beefy lows)

This is how I configured SansAmp:

Drive - 5 o'clock
Bass - 12 o'clock
Treble - 3 o'clock
Presence - 12.02 o'clock
Blend - 10 o'clock
Level - 2 o'clock

Drive - 9 o'clock
Bass - 5 o'clock
Treble - 5 o'clock
Presence - 7 o'clock
Blend - 5 o'clock
Level - 3 o'clock

This is how I set the EQ on the musicman stingray:

Using the notation that each knob goes from -10 to +10:
Volume: +10
Treble: 0
Midrange: +5
Bass: -10

I hope that this article was useful to musicians having a similar setup.


This week I put my hands on XTRUPPAWs CD, Is-CD tal-iXtruppaw. You'll have fun listening to this CD. I'm not a music critic, i don't critisize at all, so why don't you just buy the CD from their website? keep punking!

Presummer hiatus

The actual reason for this last hiatus was not because I was busy or something..Actually I was so relaxed and lazy and in an apathy mood that the last thing i dared doing was updating a virtual journal.

Thankfully this mood has only lasted around three weeks...just in time to update you with some latest news.