Sans Amp

I can consider myself one of those lucky musicians who are now in possession of this Tech 21 invention. Discover my new toy which will replace all my pedals...It's the Sans Amp Programmable Bass Driver DI box...Why Sans Amp? Cos you don't need to carry anymore bass amplifiers with this thing. Just plug the bass guitar to this box, and then to the PA system. cool eh :) And more than that I am now achieving tube-like sounds. Olee` finally...

Recall that my ultimate goal is that wherever I play, I always sound the same irrelevant on which amplifier I'm using. So I either plug to the Return of the bass amp which will defeat the amp's master volume and tone coloring, or else I can connect this stomp box to the front input (active) of the amp (where one would usually plug the bass) but with all the EQ flat. Equivalently I can connect it straight to the mixing console.

But what's all this big deal? You would have told me that I'm already in the possession of the Behringer V-Amp. Ok..It's a cool pedal, it blinks red, nice lights and effects, has flangers, distortion, delay effects, etc.. But what it lacks is the analog signal path..Most of these pedals are digital unfortunately..This SansAmp is simple - it has no effects, no delays, no compression, but it is 100% analog (except for the programmability feature which stores up to 3 presets). This means it is more reliable, doesn't reset on stage if there's a power surge, etc. Moreover, you'll achieve a nice tube-like sound which will cut through better (i.e. no more muffled bass, or weak thing-sounding bass) - pure tube sound (which ranges to fat bass, juicy bass, slap bass, solo bass, grit-distortion a la John Entwhistle, and Crimson style) :D

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