Oracle Worst Practices

There is a great deal of discussion about following Oracle best practices (e.g. using OFA, etc.) but little has been said about Oracle worst practices. Contrary to an Oracle "best practice", an Oracle "worst practice" are actions (or non-actions) that cause poor performance and create excessive management overhead, essentially a non-standard approach to Oracle database management. Read more...

Linux 'rm' limit

This morning I was amazed by the fact that Linux complained when i tried to remove a big bunch of files from a directory:

bash$ rm -f *.trc

-bash: /bin/rm: Argument list too long

Luckily I found a simple workaround:
bash$ find . -name '*trc' | xargs rm

Goodbye my friend, my buddy

I will not say much in this post, pictures will speak by themselves, but today was the last day for Keith who worked with me for the past two years. He was not only the person with whom I spent most time with during the day, he was (and will always be) my friend, the one I always trusted, unreplaceable buddy. Goodluck with your new job. Now tell me, with whom shall I devise all those nice pranks?

White Crimson

It was like an inspiration but we finally decided to call our band White Crimson, being the colours of our maltese flag. And yes we all think it's cool ;)

The following links are related to our band:
White Crimson official website
Garageband profile

Messing with /dev/null

Have you ever deleted /dev/null? Well I did, and it was unintentional at first but I managed to get it back. Here is how i reproduced the problem and its solution:

[root@robocop root]# cd /dev
[root@robocop dev]# rm null
rm: remove character special file `null'? y
[root@robocop dev]# mknod null c 1 3
[root@robocop dev]# chmod 666 null
[root@robocop dev]# ls -l null
crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1, 3 Apr 24 09:58 null

Bring it on home

According to my foobar2000 (for the non-geeks, it's a media player) today I've been playing Led Zeppelin's song Bring it on home for an average of 45 times. So that makes it around 160 times this week only. From tomorrow, since i'll have some spare time, I'll try to learn to play it on bass.

Ah by the way, this song really rocks!

So hard to make it even

To my disappointment one of us realized that there was already a band bearing the 'Nevereven' name...i was more disappointed to find out that yahoo search engine showed up this band name entry but not google. Time to make use of multiple search engines when i come to choose a name, but until then, i will simply rely on other's ideas to come up with a name cos i've had enough :)

Remember remember the 5th of november

I really enjoyed watching V for vendetta. There's only one disappointment though...which you'll find out by yourselves.

Things that matter

I wasn't searching for softcore but somehow (i forgot) I stumbled across this rather original blog of a person who tries to amuse the readers with nude pictures of his wife, or as he says: Dedicated to getting your mind as far away from work related issues as humanly possible! Spending as much time as you can with people who make your life a lot more enjoyable. And doing it with a touch of naughtiness whenever we can!!. Visit the blog here.

Never Even

I have deleted this post. Read more here to find out why!

Maltese Interface for Windows XP

I've just translated my current windows XP into a Maltese version by installing the maltese language interface pack (LIP). At first it looked a bit awkward and funny, seeing all those technical words written in my own native language, but well, i'm getting used to it...and it's so original :)

PS: To revert back to the english interface you need to uninstall the Maltese LIP by going to the Kwadru tal-Kontroll and then Żid jew Neħħi Programmi.

Ouch it hurts

You may ask what the hell is he doing here at 5:30 in the morning? My wisdom tooth (lower molar) is hurting me so much that I couldn't sleep. It has already been hurting me in the past months, in an intermittent way, but this time it's hurting like hell. I don't even want to imagine myself what would happen if it had to have decay...

Half Wire

From today I'm the proud owner of the legendary Oakley Half Wire sunglasses :) Dark carbon frame with gold iridium lenses, as their website says, it provides 100% UV filtering and unsurpassed impact protection.

With durable PLUTONITE® lens material and sturdy C-5™ alloy, the bottom line on impact protection is that it needs no bottom line. So we invented a bottomless frame that expands your vertical view while still surpassing ANSI standards for high-velocity and high-mass impact resistance. Rendered with 150 tons of pressure and machined with the precision of Computer Numeric Control, the monolithic backbone of lightweight C-5™ alloy is raked back to liberate peripheral vision. Custom engineered spring hinges and dual sizes of UNOBTAINIUM® nosebombs offer the comfort of a custom fit, and patented XYZ OPTICS® opens the boundary of lateral clarity.

She said I had to choose

Bye blogger comments, welcome Haloscan

I decided to port all my blogger comments to Haloscan. Haloscan gives me tremendous control over comments and the style of the comments page. Even with no mods so far, the haloscan comments page suits more the style of my website.

Music vid tips

You can always double click the video to view it full screen.

...ah by the way, feeling a bit better at last. I think I had some sort of virus or gastric flu.

Which cold symptom do you hate the most?

And no, this question doesn’t mean I’m trying to state that my cold symptoms are worse than yours.

Honest question… you have a cold, flu, whatever. It has the normal symptoms… runny nose, sore throat, cough, chill, dizziness, sneezing, maybe a rash, evil head growth, whatever. Which one is the worst?

Me, it’s the sore throat. I hate those. Mostly because everything else can be handled with some kind of medicine, or copious amounts of alcohol. But I have yet to find anything that takes the edge off a sore throat. Lozenges? Nope. Vicks? Try again. Advil Cold & Sinus? Don’t think so.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I have to pass this Saturday night at home saving myself from eternal shame of asking the barman for water with honey and lemon :/

So maybe in my next life I’ll start a bio-med company to make a medicine that actually works on a sore throat… not sure how, but something that actually frickin’ works.

(No, oral sex doesn't work either)

Aj du, Aj du, Aj duuu...

The Fanjellu video for the Eurovixin Cocktest has just released! It's just a parody, fictious, don't attach yourselves too much to it cos it's a just a joke, not true, to take the piss, to...