[23:09] blackhoul: omg funniest thing happened to me today
[23:09] blackhoul: as you know, i'm a pretty gross person, i just toss my dirty laundry on the floor right?
[23:10] blackhoul: so today i wore the same pants that I woreyesterday
[23:10] blackhoul: yeah i do
[23:10] blackhoul: but when i got home tonight
[23:10] blackhoul: i went to the bathroom to pee, i pee'ed, and as I was zipping up I felt something strange
[23:11] blackhoul: like I had pooped my pants or something because my butt felt something lumpy
[23:11] blackhoul: now I KNOW i didn't poop my pants!
[23:11] blackhoul: so i unzip again, reached behind, and grabbed this strange mass
[23:11] blackhoul: and it was the pair of boxers i wore yesterday
[23:11] blackhoul: it was in my pants
[23:11] blackhoul: ALL FUCIGN DAY!


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