German humps

So i'm here writing the last post for today before I sleep and enjoy tomorrow's public holiday (Freedom Day). I just arrived from the 'Tribute to Coldplay' concert, which was more of a fund raising concert for YMCA.

Thing with Coldplay and other similar alternative bands, is that no matter how musically genious they are, whenever i hear that kind of music for more than 30 minutes, I feel sick and sleepy and nervous - it's a notorious syndrome called alternative pseudo intestinal macho cellular eruption [insert your suffix here].

In the midst of all this I was speaking with this german girl who happens to temporary work with me (just discovered this) and she was telling me about her little issue to arrive at Gianpula for this tribute event. For non maltese readers of this blog, you should know that Gianpula is a place situated in a rural area in the middle of acres of fields. So quoting her episode when she got lost in her way, "I couldn't tell if I was in the wrong way or not, cos although the road had all these humps, all the roads in Malta have humps so i was confused." She was so fuckin serious that i laughed at her face only to discover that she actually finished in a field. I mean, think about it, if a field was more or less like a typical maltese road, we really have hopeless roads.


maressa said...

Only in Malta ... :)

maressa said...

Ah well, but it HAS to happen to a German :)