4 cents

This a true story happened this afternoon in the company where i work:

A client phoned the customer care because our system billed him 4 cents extra. If one would think about it, this 4 cents costed the company something like Lm20 - freephone call charges, time wasted to technical support, support engineers and developers who could have used their time to make more profitable stuff. Needless to say, client was refunded to cut the whole maltese-'jien cittadin' crap.

But think about it...It would have had a butterfly effect...take a look at the developer's point of view for example. Let's say that the fact that he couldn't solve the 4c technical problem increases his stress level at work...He goes home and cannot sleep. He goes to the doctor, buys pills. The day after he realizes he feels ill, chaos reign his stressed brain cells. He takes prolonged sick leave and spends miserable hours at home. His stress accumulates into domestic violence, gets jailed. More taxes paid, to be invested in accomodation for prisoners. Government also invests more money from taxes in domestic violence awareness and educational programmes. Taxes are eventually avoided. Country goes even more bankrupt. Anarchy reigns. People die.

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