Spending the day the lazy way

Sleeping, playing bass guitar, and video games...This was one of those days in which i don't feel guilty doing just those three things, and maybe interrupted once or twice by the control room techies from work (argh i hate being on call).

Look at me, busting my enemies with the flack gun. Yaj, that's my boy, Divisor, one of the best Unreal Tournament 2005 characters.

Well, I'm off for now. Maybe later will just make my way to watch out some live band at BJs.

German humps

So i'm here writing the last post for today before I sleep and enjoy tomorrow's public holiday (Freedom Day). I just arrived from the 'Tribute to Coldplay' concert, which was more of a fund raising concert for YMCA.

Thing with Coldplay and other similar alternative bands, is that no matter how musically genious they are, whenever i hear that kind of music for more than 30 minutes, I feel sick and sleepy and nervous - it's a notorious syndrome called alternative pseudo intestinal macho cellular eruption [insert your suffix here].

In the midst of all this I was speaking with this german girl who happens to temporary work with me (just discovered this) and she was telling me about her little issue to arrive at Gianpula for this tribute event. For non maltese readers of this blog, you should know that Gianpula is a place situated in a rural area in the middle of acres of fields. So quoting her episode when she got lost in her way, "I couldn't tell if I was in the wrong way or not, cos although the road had all these humps, all the roads in Malta have humps so i was confused." She was so fuckin serious that i laughed at her face only to discover that she actually finished in a field. I mean, think about it, if a field was more or less like a typical maltese road, we really have hopeless roads.

4 cents

This a true story happened this afternoon in the company where i work:

A client phoned the customer care because our system billed him 4 cents extra. If one would think about it, this 4 cents costed the company something like Lm20 - freephone call charges, time wasted to technical support, support engineers and developers who could have used their time to make more profitable stuff. Needless to say, client was refunded to cut the whole maltese-'jien cittadin' crap.

But think about it...It would have had a butterfly effect...take a look at the developer's point of view for example. Let's say that the fact that he couldn't solve the 4c technical problem increases his stress level at work...He goes home and cannot sleep. He goes to the doctor, buys pills. The day after he realizes he feels ill, chaos reign his stressed brain cells. He takes prolonged sick leave and spends miserable hours at home. His stress accumulates into domestic violence, gets jailed. More taxes paid, to be invested in accomodation for prisoners. Government also invests more money from taxes in domestic violence awareness and educational programmes. Taxes are eventually avoided. Country goes even more bankrupt. Anarchy reigns. People die.

Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del on Linux

A few months back I remember my buddy pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del to unlock a Windows XP server. Problem was that he was using the keyboard of an adjacent Linux mail server...As many of you might know pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del on Linux causes the system to reboot. However one may disable this possibility of using the Ctrl-Alt-Delete command tor reboot your Linux machine. This is pretty important if you don't have the best physical security on the box.

To do this, edit the inittab file vi /etc/inittab and change the line:

ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t3 -r now

To read:
#ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t3 -r now

Now, for the change to take effect type in the following at a prompt:
[root@hax0r] /#/sbin/init q


Tuesdays for me are normally long, but fun and much sought...I wake up at 8AM, have breakfast, time to check emails and by 9AM I'm at my office just 2 miles away from home. The highlight of the day begins at 6PM when I finish from work and head for my band rehearsals.

We meet at a garage 5 minutes away from where I work. Having experience with rock bands for the past six years, I can frankly say that this is the tidiest garage so far - no fecal traces, urine smell, rats, graffiti, or disgusting insects of any kind. The only fkcup is the high temperature which i believe is due to the lack of ventilation resulting from thorough sound-proofing.

Rehearsals normally long not less than 4 hrs and we really get into it. Needless to say we leave the garage exhausted, panting, yet some of us smoking a cigarette or two. But at the moment we leave the garage (which is around 10PM) we already long for the next rehearsal to come.

Around 10:30PM I arrive at home, cook food in a microwave (and trust me, it's really nasty), wash, and around midnight I throw myself on bed and sleep.

PS: We are still in a quest for a band name, so if you come up with any ideas, shoot them over, cos as John Mark (our singer) would say (in a William Mangion parody): "M'andkomx isem? Ehmmmm...Aqbduli l-istrumenti u tistaw tippakjaw u titilquli 'l barra!"

Old School Rock

As stated in a previous post, I decided to be musically sincere with myself and dropped the previous american-hard-cock-erm-rock band to rejoin my old 'old school' rock band. We're now a complete band with two guitars, a drummer, vocalist and a humble me on bass. Current repertoire includes covers from Gun n' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Twisted Sisters, Velvet Revolver, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and will probably include other 80's rock bands.

You will also notice that the music videos I will include on the right hand side will be mostly from the classic rock scene. Enjoy...


[23:09] blackhoul: omg funniest thing happened to me today
[23:09] blackhoul: as you know, i'm a pretty gross person, i just toss my dirty laundry on the floor right?
[23:10] blackhoul: so today i wore the same pants that I woreyesterday
[23:10] blackhoul: yeah i do
[23:10] blackhoul: but when i got home tonight
[23:10] blackhoul: i went to the bathroom to pee, i pee'ed, and as I was zipping up I felt something strange
[23:11] blackhoul: like I had pooped my pants or something because my butt felt something lumpy
[23:11] blackhoul: now I KNOW i didn't poop my pants!
[23:11] blackhoul: so i unzip again, reached behind, and grabbed this strange mass
[23:11] blackhoul: and it was the pair of boxers i wore yesterday
[23:11] blackhoul: it was in my pants
[23:11] blackhoul: ALL FUCIGN DAY!


Dean Kamen drinks his own pee

Seriously. He really does. Of course his latest invention filters it first. This guy who is actually an inventor, is addressing Third World water problems with his newest invention.


Time to update my blog again...So from the last post till now, I've returned to Malta, left a band and joined another one, changed hairstyle, and changed my attitude at work. Quite lots of things happening to me in such a brief time. One thing - I'm more myself lately.

Onvol connection

This week the Onvol guys have installed the cable internet at my residence as I was pissed off at paying roughly the same ADSL price but with a download limit of 1GB per month plus a lot of interruption in their service. The tech was nice although he didn't manage to install the cable on one of my laptops...anyways I did my homework and later I found out that the reason was that the DHCP client was disabled. So I re-enabled it and voila`...

This is my first blog using cable internet.If you click on the picture you can see the speed I achieve with this connection - roughly 2Mbps. Another thing I've discovered is that the connection is associated with the MAC address of the network card/router. So the first thing I'm going to do is buy a router and inform the Onvol guys to reset the DHCP server on my modem since at the moment I can have a max of two distinct computers connecting. I will tell you later on what router I've invested in, the configuration, etc...

Stuff in the luggage

This evening is the first phase where i begin thinking what stuff to put in my luggage. The stay in UK shall be of five days - from Sunday evening till Friday evening. I shall be going to Hampshire in a village called Hook. There's an HP training centre there, in an area known as Highfield Park, where I shall be attending for an IT related course relating HP EVAs.

So the things I'm contemplating to take, are:
- Lots of t-shirts since there will be a lot of central heating, according to my buddies who were there so I'll avoid heavy clothes.
- Jersey and pants to use them when i go for dinner at the hotel
- A big jacket to use it to travel between buildings
- Shampoo, electric shaver, face creams, shower jel, deodorant
- Laptop (hand luggage) + business secure ID
- Mobile phone and charger
- Panadols
- The Kurt Cobain biography book, and a couple of DVDs
- Documents such as: passport, ID card, tickets receipt, paper with destination address, paper with my details
- Luggage tags + matlock

I hope I haven't left something out...Tomorrow I will put the actual stuff.

Out of Office

I'm contemplating what outlook message shall i put for my next week out-of-office reply since i will be abroad. So far this is what I've found online:

I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail toget the position. Be prepared for my mood.

You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of theoffice. If I was in, chances are you wouldn't have received anything at all.

I will be unable to delete all the unread, worthless emails you send meuntil I return from holiday on 4 April. Please be patient and your mail willbe deleted in the order it was received.

Thank you for your email. Your credit card has been charged £5.99 for thefirst ten words and £1.99 for each additional word in your message.

The e-mail server is unable to verify your server connection and isunable to deliver this message. Please restart your computer and try sendingagain.
'(The beauty of this is that when you return, you can see how manyin-duh-viduals did this over and over).

Thank you for your message, which has been added to a queuing system...You are currently in 352nd place, and can expect to receive a reply inapproximately 19 weeks.

I've run away to join a different circus.


I will be out of the office for the next 2 weeks for medical reasons..When I return, please refer to me as ' Margaret ' instead of 'Steve'.


This morning a work buddy introduced me to the music of Senser, a psychadelic british rock band. Very influenced from the Rage Against The Machine, this band really kicks ass. At the moment I'm listening to one of their albums - Stacked Up. Their official website: Senser.

Don't get phished

I received this email from ebay telling me that i have not paid yet for an item i won...some 20GB harddisk...When you click the link to pay for the item you get into an ebay lookalike website except that the address is not ebay.com but something like ebaay.com which can fool many people around. Of course you type your username and password and then the phisher will use them on the real ebay site.

So open your eyes for email like these especially for those, who like me, use ebay a lot.

Happiness Value

Would you consider to change your job, where you have thrilling and exciting duties, very good relationships with your work mates, and a charming environment, if you get an offer from someone who is ready to pay you nearly twice as much you currently get? Even if the latter job is more thrilling and challenging? The catch is that here you won't probably get those nice buddies work mates who are also part of your life, with whom you go out and have a beer after work...Here the team is very small, so you are almost busy most of the day.

I don't know...I cannot give you an answer right now...maybe you can put your feedback here and shed some lights.