He did it again

Fabrizio Faniello, one of Malta's prominent pop singers, won the Malta's song contest for Europe for the second time. "I do" will be the song representing Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in Greece this May.

I believe this victory will bring a bit of arguments in the upcoming days (as usual) due to the fact that his song was aired twice (in contrast to the other participants), reason being that in the first time Fabrizio had sound problems during the whole song. He had to sing again at the end, to be fair on him.

Olivia Lewis was voted at the second place (like in the previous year) although I would have put Eleanor Cassar in her place instead. Trilogy, ironically, placed third. Again, I believe the latter had just gained enough popularity during diverse local TV shows to place them third.

As regards to the winner, personally I've enjoyed the song "I do" and even its choreography, and I firmly believe that he deserved the victory, although I wasn't one of the 7,729 persons who televoted for him. The song was written by Fabrizio himself and one cannot not notice the russian-like-accents he used on some of its words which gave it an original interpretation. Best of luck Fab, or as you usually say: "E Vai!!!"


Coemgen said...

I thought I heard seven thousand not seventeeeeeeen.

James said...

typo error :)