Last Saturday I attented my first ever bass guitar class. Well, not actually a bass guitar class since I was the only bassist of the class (the rest being guitarists). It's surprising to find out that even after around 4 years of playing bass I still have space to brush up the very basics. I'm speaking about the posture and correct fretting/plucking hand technique.

That's what we basically focused in the class - fingering exercises (combination of using two fretting fingers 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4 and in reverse).

I also learned a new plucking hand technique which I'm beginning to adopt - it basically consists of resting the thumb on the string in top of the other string I'm plucking. I know this all sounds confusing, but the concept is that the thumb shifts with the plucking hand in contrast to the traditional 'place your thumb on the pickup'. This will allow more possibilities in your bass playing especially increasing plucking speed.


Kenneth said...

Mela għand Vukovic mort, mhux għand "Il Grande" Chalee? :)

James said...

chalee bhalissa busy bl-ezamijiet u l-kors, filfatt fis-sajf se nkompli mieghu...sadattant il-mentor se jkun il-grande vukovic :)