Using Gmail on Nokia 6680

Right now my Nokia 6680 is retrieving emails from my Gmail account... I can also send emails through the gmail account. This is simply fantastic. I'll give you some tips of how I managed to do that. From the Gmail point of view, you need to enable POP. Now here's the trick - If you're like me and have thousands of emails already, in order not to swamp the mobile with emails, be sure to enable POP for newly arrived messages... The Gmail engineers were brilliant enough to think about that feature...

From the Nokia's side, yo need to create a new mailbox from the messaging menu. These are the settings which you need to set:

- Access Point in use: Internet
- Outgoing mail server:
- Send Message: Immediately
- Username: [username]
- Incoming mail server:
- Mail Box Type: POP3
- Security (Ports): On (993/995)
- APOP secure login: Off
- Retrieve Headers Only

Now I can be fully dependant on my Nokia 6680 :) Trying to sell my old PDA to a work colleague in the meantime...

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