I recently came up with a theory. Something I'd like to call JTDR (Jamie's Theory of Dream Reality), it goes something like this:

It is a fact that all human beings in this world dream, some animals are also capable of dreaming but as of right now let's focus on the homosapiens, the smart bipeds, us! Haven't you ever wondered before just how complex dreams can be? For example let's say that in your dream you were given a present and this present was wrapped such that you don't know what is inside. You look around at all the suspiciously giddy smiles of your friends that are waiting for you to unwrap this gift. You unwrap the gift only to find a snake which within the next 0.5 seconds had lunged at you and bit you on your face much to the delight of all your friends. Unfortunate, something that would only happen in a dream. Normal. But let's talk about that dream some more...

In the dream you were presented a gift in which you do not know the contents of. Your friends apparently knew and you were pleasantly surprised when out of the box comes 2 poisoned fangs that jumped straight for your eye. But how is this even all possible when your brain is the one dreaming it? Your brain is the author of this very story called your dream and yet it was able to surprise you. How is the brain capable of knowing something that you don't and keep it a secret from you? It's able to replicate what you experience in your waking state, surely you also wouldn't know what was in the box if it really was your birthday and you were really given a wrapped present. Things like this happen all the time in dreams! Ever bought anything and asked for the price in your dream? How did you not already know the price? Ever been surprised in a dream (surprised as in someone just jumped out of a dark corner and scared you shitless)? How did you not know that was going to happen? It seems as if your dreams are as unpredictable as your waking life.

We all have our daily routines, we work, study, and laugh. The normal everyday things that when put together constructs our journey of life. But what if our journey of life in our waking state is nothing more than a dream, a recreation of the mind? What if the "real" journey goes on when we sleep, when we do things that would never be possible when we are not asleep? To be frank, I'm not particularly religious and although I've been raised in a Christian household there are many things that are part of Christianity that I cannot conform to. But naturally I feel that there is something greater out there, a god, chi, a pool of consciousness that every living thing is connected to. What if when we dream we experience a connection to this "pool"? What if the journeys we take in our dream IS what makes our life? What if when we die we finally start living our life? Something that we've only tasted by dreaming.

It boggles me mind, I seriously have been thinking about this for the past couple of days.

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