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My bass guitar, the famous Musicman Stingray, should growl all the time. Just keep it hungry. Feed it small portions of raw meat mixed with gunpowder...In a quest to achieve that classic Musicman Stingray growl, I've spent the early morning experimenting with the sound (waking up neighbours and rattling the earth in the process). I'll explain you my methodology:

I connect the stingray to a Boss GEB7 and the latter to a Behringer rig. I flat both the Stingray and the Behringer. This way I don't need to bother to ever tamper with knobs, even if I'm playing on a different rig...However I color the sound through the Boss GEB7 as follows:

50Hz: +10dB
120Hz: +10dB
400Hz: +2.5dB
500Hz/800Hz/4.5KHz/10Khz: 0dB
Level: 0

With this configuration I get a good punch and a nice growl and I normally leave it like that. If I want to scare the crowd and make their beer rattle inside their belly (followed by a visit to the toilet to throw up) I boost a bit the bass and mids on my Stingray. That's why I also believe the mid-knob is the "scare-your-audience"-knob along with the bassknob :)

Note that this way I don't overdrive the amp, although I get that aggressive growl and solid punch which is a characteristic of Stingray. Even when you boost the bass and mids from the Stingray, make sure you don't overdrive anything. If you want more volume, crank the amp not the pre-amp (Boss/Stingray). Then if i want to slap in the middle of the song, I just tap the Boss pedal with my foot to de-activate the pre-amplification process!

By the way, my gear is as follows (the equipment in italics is for backup purposes only):

Bass guitars:
- Stingray | Translucent Red | Maple Fretboard | 1996 model (bought 26/8/05) [Serial number: 48086]
- Tanglewood P-Bass (hotrodded)
- Tanglewood 6 string bass

- Behringer BX3000T head
- Behringer BA210 2x10" cab
- Behringer BA115 1x15" cab
- Behringer BT108 combo
- Laney RBW200(R2) combo

- Boss GEB7
- Zoom 506
- Behringer V-Amp

Simple, huh?

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