It may be too early to state the list, for the ignorant. My plan is to list it, and whoever cares, adds or subtracts to my list. So here they come - the 20 things I'd like to change about myself over the next year:

1. Eat better. Less snacking on junk food, hell, some days my junkfood snack is my only meal of the day.
2. Spend more time with my bubbles (aka my girlfriend)
3. Do all the Oracle courses.
4. I'd like to be more sociable in every occasion.
5. Care more about how I look.
6. Less speeding on the freeways, more enjoying the drive.
7. Cut my nails on time and not be lazy about it.
8. Be more spontaneous.
9. Be more open about things.
10. Smile more.
11. Sigh less.
12. Learn how to prioritize things, funny that this is #12.
13. Watch more independent films.
14. Not buy useless junk.
15. Replace my 6 year old pair of shoes with a new pair without going back to the old ones.
16. Be a bargain hunter.
17. Be more respectful to others.
18. Be more sensitive.
19. Be more verbal about things. Speak my mind.
20. Profit.

Please don't bug me not to spend $$$ in my car, cos you know I won't.


meljoy said...

I agree with being mor eopen about things :-( I am such a closed off person, it sucks... I ammuch mor eopen in my blog than I am in real life, how shitty is that?


James said...

i think it's how the brain works. when we are in front a real person, our mental barrier restricts us from what i call 'mind speaking' i.e. saying what you have in your mind. However trust me, i visited your blog, and you really seem a nice person. You don't need to be closed as you have many positive aspects which people need to know about :)