Minor sequences

The first post about music theory! In this lesson I'd like to touch upon Sequences.

A sequence is simply a number of notes. It can be 2,3,4 or more. Let's approach this topic with a touch of music theory.

The A natural minor scale is comprised of 8 notes from A to A having no sharps nor flats.


If we wanted to play the A minor scale using a sequence of 3 notes, we would proceed as follows. Starting on the root note A, we would play the first 3 notes in the scale (A-B-C). Next, we would play 3 notes beginning on the second note (B-C-D), followed by the third (C-D-E) and so on. See how simple this concept is?

Using sequences in your playing can liven up your bass fills and runs, create more tension in your solos, even make practicing scales sound musical. Adding subtle nuances to your playing can make a HUGE difference in your playing style.

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Kenneth said...

Probably the first music lesson on any Maltese blog...