Life, 1 Pt, .9 FL OZ at a time

and slowly drowning.

Here I am, sitting and staring at the bottle of Fontanella water next to me. "Mountain Spring Water" it says, I doubt that... the water probably came from some rarely cleaned purification system in the south of Malta. Who cares. On the label it says that I can get 5c for the empty bottle if I'm living in Rome. God I wish I live in Rome... or Switzerland, or in some remote area of Canada, maybe even Egypt. I'm tired of this, the commute, the people, the mundane activities, the friends that are not really friends... so tired. Unfortunately, no matter how much I want to get away, it's just not practical at the moment.

You don't reap what you sow, sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Dreams may become reality as long as you're living. And I'll be with you every step of the way. You an count on that.