BMAs 2005 results

Just arrived from the BMA event. The crowd was quite large - there wasn't space to move around. I was irritated by the fact that the event didn't begin until two hours after the doors were open; considering the scenario where you are standing for two hours, glaring at an empty stage, and pushed continuously by the moving crowd, ladies and gents, I can assure you that they weren't the most pleasant two hours one can spend.

However at 23:30, Jonathan Abel, Bay Radio's young but prominent presenter, announced the beginning of the event. The lights were quite acceptable, but the sound was a total crap for the first 30 minutes. Around midnight, the first band kicked in. It was the Corkskrew, featuring their popular catchy song 'Cool Sunday'. The other bands which played, in no particular order, were:

- Muttley
- Ira Losco
- Filletti and Friends
- Tenishia
- Scar
- Winter Moods
- Dripht
- Bitterside
- Lara

The awards were given as follows: the best band was awarded to Corkskrew, the best solo artist was awarded to Ivan Filletti, and the best ever song award was given to Winter Moods with their song 'Everyday Song'. There were a couple of other awards which I forgot at the moment. Whilst every musician and band tried to impress the audience either by the way they moved (take into consideration Lara who seemed more to participate in a pole dance rather than at a music event), the way they dressed, etc, there was only one band which was really itself, and which, in my opinion, kicked ass - Dripht, the ska/raggae band which is actually quite amusing and makes good quality music.

The highlight of the evening was just exactly when I was returning home - a group of guys greeted me with 'Hey, isn't that guy, the Musicman dude?'. It's always nice to have new fans you've never seen before who have remembered you even weeks after a small gig. If one of you out there is seeing this, I'm James (I apologize I didn't present myself this night), but you can still call me the Musicman dude if you prefer.

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