Nokia 6680 has arrived!

I received a Nokia 6680 the other day. Beautiful phone, I was long overdue for a new Series 60 phone. The 6680 is the update to the 6630, I've been told. First impressions, it feels sturdy. The screen is amazing. The chrome looks very professional. I'm really digging it.

I am still getting familiar with it, but a couple of quick notices. First, you do not need a SIM card in the phone to boot it up and get to the interface and applications. This always bugged me about old Series 60. Secondly, the phone comes with a file manager and a way to increase the backlight timeout. These two things probably aren't new to this phone, but the version of Series 60. That is probably old news. The camera takes very good looking pictures, although I haven't tried to really look at the quality or even print one out. I like the new quick launch bar on the home screen (Windows Mobile has this and it is very nice). Although I still think the home screen can be better designed and utilized more. There are a couple of more under-the-hood type things I've noticed too, buried deep in the settings. Haven't tried the MP3 player yet, nor the voice commands. Will do that sometime later. I need to take a look at the new "Web" browser, used to be the "services" browser. I like the name change. That is probably old news as well.

More to come, but so far this Nokia 6680 rocks!


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