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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my humble room inside cyberspace. More than a website, this is a blog, which is intended to become a place for my personal rants and ravings related to all kinds of activities I'm involved in: music, films, sports, information technology, life in general, etc. I'll provide criticism and commentary on whatever I happen to be watching, or discuss any general news or issues that arouse my interest. You will probably see that I will post many technical notes and references related to my work (unix, oracle, information security etc...) This is for me most of all, but if readers find my thoughts interesting or if I can point people in the direction of little known tricks or steer them from trash, all the better.

Writing is a healthy habit, and a public venue is a nice motivation for quality control. I'll endeavor to post frequently and create a nice little home for my thoughts. Feel free to click on the 'comments' link to give me feedback on whatever posts you find appealing.

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