Sunday, February 03, 2013

Malta song for Europe and the art of plagiarizing

If we Maltese are not good for anything, we are so good in plagiarizing music that we fool entire nations. Take a tried and tested song from the past, change the lyrics (unless you're Klinsmann and don't even bother!), and drop the key by a few tonal intervals to adjust the melody to your not well developed vocal range. Take a look at the following clips of the Maltese winners of the past two editions (2012, 2013) alongside with the 'what I think where plagiarized from' and judge by yourselves:

2012 Edition: 

Alexandra Stan - Get Back ASAP (Original): 

Kurt Calleja - This is the night (Maltese winner): 

2013 Edition: 

Train - Soul Sisters (Original): 

Gianluca Bezzina - Tomorrow (Maltese winner): 

And for the simpletons who say that 'they just share the same style'...there are 7 basic notes and 120 pitch sounds in music with an infinite number of intervallic possibilities to choose from.
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