Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Tuesdays for me are normally long, but fun and much sought...I wake up at 8AM, have breakfast, time to check emails and by 9AM I'm at my office just 2 miles away from home. The highlight of the day begins at 6PM when I finish from work and head for my band rehearsals.

We meet at a garage 5 minutes away from where I work. Having experience with rock bands for the past six years, I can frankly say that this is the tidiest garage so far - no fecal traces, urine smell, rats, graffiti, or disgusting insects of any kind. The only fkcup is the high temperature which i believe is due to the lack of ventilation resulting from thorough sound-proofing.

Rehearsals normally long not less than 4 hrs and we really get into it. Needless to say we leave the garage exhausted, panting, yet some of us smoking a cigarette or two. But at the moment we leave the garage (which is around 10PM) we already long for the next rehearsal to come.

Around 10:30PM I arrive at home, cook food in a microwave (and trust me, it's really nasty), wash, and around midnight I throw myself on bed and sleep.

PS: We are still in a quest for a band name, so if you come up with any ideas, shoot them over, cos as John Mark (our singer) would say (in a William Mangion parody): "M'andkomx isem? Ehmmmm...Aqbduli l-istrumenti u tistaw tippakjaw u titilquli 'l barra!"
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