Stuff in the luggage

This evening is the first phase where i begin thinking what stuff to put in my luggage. The stay in UK shall be of five days - from Sunday evening till Friday evening. I shall be going to Hampshire in a village called Hook. There's an HP training centre there, in an area known as Highfield Park, where I shall be attending for an IT related course relating HP EVAs.

So the things I'm contemplating to take, are:
- Lots of t-shirts since there will be a lot of central heating, according to my buddies who were there so I'll avoid heavy clothes.
- Jersey and pants to use them when i go for dinner at the hotel
- A big jacket to use it to travel between buildings
- Shampoo, electric shaver, face creams, shower jel, deodorant
- Laptop (hand luggage) + business secure ID
- Mobile phone and charger
- Panadols
- The Kurt Cobain biography book, and a couple of DVDs
- Documents such as: passport, ID card, tickets receipt, paper with destination address, paper with my details
- Luggage tags + matlock

I hope I haven't left something out...Tomorrow I will put the actual stuff.
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